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Nominate officers
Nominate someone to serve on CSBA's Executive Committee as a 2015 officer by June 2. See more information about the nominations process here.
Advocacy Day May 9
Promote the Governance First legislative agenda May 9 and make a difference on key policy and legislative issues affecting public schools and students.
Protect students
This 2-minute video by President Jo Lucey explains why CSBA is sponsoring SB 843: to protect our children! For more information, visit
Linked Learning
See a new case study about Linked Learning in Pasadena on the Linked Learning section of our College and Career Readiness site.
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Call to Order: A Blueprint for Great Board Meetings

Call to Order: A Blueprint for Great Board Meetings
Guidelines on preparing for and leading board meetings. A must-read for the entire decision-making team.

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