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    CSBA video: This Just In
    This Just In: AB 146 to restore school district reserve authority
    CSBA joined a statewide coalition at a press conference at the Capitol on Monday, Aug. 18, in support of Assembly Bill 146. CSBA President Josephine Lucey provides opening and closing remarks.
    Call for nominations
    Nominations for Directors-at-Large Asian/Pacific Islander & Hispanic and, regional Directors of even numbered CSBA regions will be accepted from Aug. 1 to Oct. 3. Download the forms now.
    Agenda Online
    Check out the new Agenda Online

    Get a tour of all the new features and explore the site’s new look. Online and regional demonstrations are available through August. Sign up now.

    Governance First: CSBA's Legislative Agenda
    Support AB 146 to repeal reserve cap
    CSBA is co-sponsoring AB 146 and asking all governing boards to encourage the Governor and Legislature to support it.
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    Call to Order: A Blueprint for Great Board Meetings

    Call to Order: A Blueprint for Great Board Meetings
    Guidelines on preparing for and leading board meetings. A must-read for the entire decision-making team.

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