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    AEC General Sessions

    Missed the General Sessions? You can watch all three recordings now. You must log in to My CSBA to view. If you don't know your password, reset it now.

    CSBA video: This Just In
    CSBA Announces School Districts Reserve Report
    CSBA announced the release of its new Report on School District Reserves at a press conference held in front of an empty bank vault on Dec. 1. View the video  and read more.
    New handout aims for community understanding
    CSBA's new one-page handout succinctly explains the work of school boards. Distribute this excellent resource to the public at your next board meeting.
    Agenda Online
    Free 90-day trial

    Experience the new look and features of Agenda Online. Managing board meetings with Agenda Online has never been easier. See the exciting new features in a free live demo and get your 90-day trial today by calling 800-266-3382.

    csba store
    Call to Order: A Blueprint for Great Board Meetings

    Call to Order: A Blueprint for Great Board Meetings
    Guidelines on preparing for and leading board meetings. A must-read for the entire decision-making team.

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