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    Latest Policy Updates
    Gamut Online updates have posted! Take a look at the latest policy changes in the January Policy News. Also be sure to read CSBA's latest Policy Brief: Guide to Complaint Procedures, a succint guide to the various complaint procedures required by law.
    Get a glimpse of the year ahead

    Watch the recording of last month's Forecast Webcast for an in-depth discussion on economic climate, budget issues, and federal and legislative matters most likely to impact public education.

    Legislative Action Day: Tuesday, March 10

    CEO & Executive Director Vernon M. Billy invites school governance leaders to advocate on key policy and legislative issues affecting public schools by joining us at the State Capitol on March 10. Watch the video and register now.

    Get help with Form 700; watch the archive

    Missed the Feb. 25 webcast? Watch the archive now. This one-hour discussion, moderated by CSBA General Counsel Keith Bray, will answer your burning questions about which gifts and other items you receive need to be reported.

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    The Brown Act: School Boards and Open Meeting Laws
    A guide to open meeting laws--revised in Dec. 2014

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