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AboutLeadership, organizational structure, benefits, and business partners and affiliates



Kathy Spate
Caruthers USD

(559) 495-6402


Barbara Bigelow (Chawanakee USD/Subregion A)
(559) 877-6209

Hugh Awtrey (Clovis USD/Subregion B)
(559) 327-9000

Daniel Babshoff (Kerman USD/Subregion B)
(559) 843-9000

Darrell Carter (Washington USD/Subregion B)
(559) 495-5600 x5626

Claudia Cazares (Fresno USD/Subregion B)
(559) 457-3727

Veva Islas (Fresno USD/Subregion B)
(559) 457-3727

Yolanda Moore (Clovis USD/Subregion B)
(559) 327-9000

Ronald Parker (Firebaugh-Las Deltas USD/Subregion B)
(559) 659-1476

Connie Kee Schlaefer (Sierra USD/Subregion B)
(559) 855-3662

Joshua Sellers (Central USD/Subregion B)
(559) 274-4700

Keshia Thomas (Fresno USD/Subregion B)
(559) 457-3727

G. Brandon Vang (Sanger USD/Subregion B)
(559) 524-6521

Teresa Carlos-Contreras (Kings River-Hardwick Union ESD/Subregion C)
(559) 584-4475

County Delegate

Marcy Masumoto
(559) 265-3000


Mariposa (Subregion A)
Madera (Subregion A)
Fresno (Subregion B)
Kings (Subregion C)


Mariposa (Subregion A)
Mariposa County & USD

Madera (Subregion A)
Madera CSOS
Alview-Dairyland Union ESD
Chowchilla ESD
Madera USD
Chowchilla Union HSD
Bass Lake Joint Union ESD
Raymond-Knowles Union ESD
Golden Valley USD
Chawanakee USD
Yosemite USD

Fresno (Subregion B)
Fresno COE
Clay Joint ESD
Alvina Elementary Charter SD
Big Creek ESD
Burrel Union ESD
Coalinga-Huron USD
Clovis USD
Fresno USD
Fowler USD
Kingsburg Elementary Charter SD
Kingsburg Joint Union HSD
Laton USD
Kings Canyon Joint USD
Monroe ESD
Orange Center SD
Parlier USD
Pacific Union ESD
Pine Ridge ESD
Raisin City ESD
Westside ESD
Washington Colony ESD
Selma USD
West Park ESD
Sanger USD
Golden Plains USD
Sierra USD
Firebaugh-Las Deltas USD
Central USD
Kerman USD
Valley ROP
Mendota USD
Riverdale Joint USD
Caruthers USD
Washington USD

Kings (Subregion C)
Kings COE
Central Union ESD
Pioneer Union ESD
Lemoore Union HSD
Armona Union ESD
Kings River-Hardwick Union ESD
Corcoran Joint USD
Hanford ESD
Island Union ESD
Lakeside Union ESD
Kit Carson Union ESD
Hanford Joint Union HSD
Lemoore Union ESD
Reef-Sunset USD