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About Leadership, organizational structure, benefits, and business partners and affiliates



Keith Giles
Lancaster ESD

(661) 948-4661


Susan Christopher (Castaic Union SD/Subregion )
(661) 257-4500

John Curiel (Westside Union ESD/Subregion )
(661) 722-0716

Steven DeMarzio (Westside Union ESD/Subregion )
(661) 722-0716

R. Michael Dutton (Antelope Valley Union HSD/Subregion )
(661) 948-7655

Nancy Smith (Palmdale ESD/Subregion )
(661) 947-7191

Steven Sturgeon (William S. Hart Union HSD/Subregion )
(661) 259-0033

County Delegate


Los Angeles (Subregion )


Los Angeles (Subregion )
Antelope Valley Union HSD
Eastside Union SD
Castaic Union SD
Gorman Joint SD
Hughes-Elizabeth Lakes Union SD
Keppel Union ESD
Lancaster ESD
Palmdale ESD
Newhall SD
Saugus Union SD
Sulphur Springs Union SD
Westside Union ESD
Wilsona SD
William S. Hart Union HSD
Acton-Agua Dulce USD