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AdvocacyPublic, legislative and legal advocacy

Who we are

The Education Legal Alliance of the California School Boards Association is a consortium of school districts, county offices of education and ROC/Ps that voluntarily join together to create a powerful force to pursue and defend a broad spectrum of statewide public education interests before state and federal courts and state agencies.

On behalf of public education and schoolchildren in California, the ELA becomes involved in litigation when a case or issue has a significant statewide impact on education. The ELA also gets behind school districts and county offices of education to support their issues – it is the safety net that brings the weight of hundreds of local educational agencies together in support of local issues. The ELA has saved and gained millions of dollars for schools, while protecting the rights and authority of local governing boards.

What we do
  • Initiate litigation as party plaintiffs on issues of statewide importance
  • File friend of the court (amicus) letters and briefs supporting issues of statewide importance
  • Support related legislation
  • Provide information to members on ELA issues in support of California schools and educational programs statewide

How we work

Cases and issues are reviewed by a broad-based steering committee of board members, superintendents and education leaders. An advisory committee of noted school law attorneys helps provide legal analysis and recommendations to the ELA.

How we are funded

The ELA is funded by contributions from participating CSBA members. The membership fee is calculated as a percentage of CSBA membership dues. Support the work that the Education Legal Alliance does on behalf of your school district or county office of education by paying your membership fee along with your CSBA dues each spring.

Fighting for you since 1990

The Education Legal Alliance was formed in 1990 when the need arose to challenge the constitutionality of property tax collection fees statutorily imposed on all school districts. CSBA realized substantial funds would be needed to take the case to court, and solicited voluntary contributions from its members. In response to the litigation, but prior to an actual court decision, the Legislature eliminated the fees for school and community college districts. Tremendous cost savings have accrued to every school district each year since the fees were repealed.

Together with school districts and county offices of education, the ELA continues to fight the necessary battles to maintain public education as the top priority in California. The ELA will be there to take on the state’s manipulative accounting and budget maneuvers that have reduced funding for public education, and will continue to initiate and participate in litigation in support of California schools and educational programs statewide.

For more information

Call us at 800.266.3382 or email us if you have specific questions.