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CSBA's Education Legal Alliance has developed a Superintendent Contract template for use by our members. This annotated Superintendent Contract template is intended to be a starting point for school boards in developing a contract to present to their new superintendent and, as necessary, negotiating with the superintendent over details of the contract. Accordingly, the template should be revised to best reflect local needs and expectations. Annotations in the template provide context, explanations, commentaries, and suggestions, as they are intended to aid board member understanding of contract development and negotiation. This template is also consistent with recommended statements and practices in CSBA’s sample board policy BP 2121 - Superintendent Contract.

Share it with the:

  • New superintendent
  • Existing superintendent negotiating a new contract
  • District’s legal counsel and recruiter

Use it to:

  • Compare with existing contract
  • Stimulate Board discussion about what terms it would like to include in the next contract

Some important provisions include:

  • Superintendent Contract Template - Key Terms
  • 12-month work year with vacation
  • District business on district devices only
  • CSBA professional development activities
  • Annual evaluation schedule
  • No automatic contract renewal or extension
  • Meeting with Board prior to termination for cause 
  • 6-Month max “buy-out” for no-cause termination

Download the PDF sample version of the Superintendent Contract template now.

If you would like a Word document version of the template, a copy is available to any board member or board president. Please click below to request a copy.

The information contained in this annotated template is not a substitute for and does not replace the advice or representation of district counsel.