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By law, all districts are mandated to adopt policies on parent involvement. Federal law contains requirements for districts and schools that receive Title I funding, and state law contains requirements pertaining to both Title I and non-Title I schools. During Categorical Program Monitoring reviews, California Department of Education staff will evaluate district policies and administrative regulations to ensure that they describe how each component required by law will be addressed in the district.

In order to assist districts in developing these required policies, CSBA has developed, in collaboration with the California Department of Education, a policy brief and worksheet, as well as revised sample policies and administrative regulations.  The policy brief provides background information on the importance of parent involvement, outlines the legal requirements, discusses the policy development process, and lists additional resources that may be helpful. It also contains the Parent Involvement Policy Development Worksheet which provides step-by-step assistance in the process of developing policy on this topic and contains questions designed to facilitate discussion and policy-making.

CSBA Policy Resources

CSBA Policy Brief - Parent Involvement: Development of Effective and Legally Compliant Policies

Selected CSBA Sample Policies on Parent Involvement

The following policies and regulations may be accessed via subscription to GAMUT. For further information about subscribing to CSBA's Policy Services, visit our Web page or call (800) 266-3382.

Other Resources

For additional resources, please see the CSBA Policy Brief above.

Laws Regarding Parent Involvement

California Education Code

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