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Governance and Policy ResourcesResearch, guidance and services for effective school board governance

The California Equity Leadership Alliance (CELA), is an action-oriented group committed to the educational success of all California students. Our efforts support the educational success of Latino, African American, Asian Pacific Islander, Native American, and English Language Learner students as well as at-risk students, low-income students, and students with disabilities.

CELA thanks all the organizations, institutions, and groups who have published the resources and materials within our toolkit. This toolkit was created in consultation with various groups and organizations and it is not meant to be comprehensive. Within the toolkit one can find classroom tools and strategies, fact sheets, guides and legal resources, sample resolutions, and social/emotional support resources. We hope this toolkit will help educators, school support staff, administrators, school board members, and other education stakeholders better understand, talk about, and support our state’s undocumented students and families.

If you have any additional resources that you would like to contribute to this toolkit, or any general questions, please contact Manny Rodriguez.



CELA Statement on Supporting Undocumented Students