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    Economic Forecast for 2016

    If you missed the Forecast Webcast on Jan. 20, you can watch the recording now for an in-depth discussion on economic forecast, budget issues, and federal and legislative matters most likely to impact public education.

    Legislative Action Day: Tuesday, March 15

    CSBA Assistant Executive Director of Governmental Relations Dennis Meyers invites school governance leaders to advocate on key policy issues by joining us at the State Capitol on March 15. Watch the video and register now.

    CSBA Adequacy Report

    California is underfunding K-12 schools by as much as $42 billion annually according to a new report released by CSBA and its Education Legal Alliance today.

    CSBA's Superintendent Contract Template
    Available Now: A new template intended to help boards develop a contract to present to a superintendent and negotiate over details of the contract.
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    Charter Schools: A Guide for Governance Teams 

    This updated guide helps governance teams negotiate the charter petition process and provides information on oversight.

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