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    Back to School Webcast

    Tune in from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sept. 15 and get your governance team up to speed on the latest education issues including awareness building on the LCFF, Common Core State Standards, and strategies for closing the achievement gap.

    Webinar: Reforming Education to Serve All Students
    Join us on Sept. 22 to hear about practical approaches and policy guidance to successfully implement the reforms recommended by the statewide special education task force.
    Call for Nominations
    Nominations for Directors-at-Large, African American, American Indian & County, and Regional Directors of odd numbered CSBA regions are currently being accepted through Oct. 2. Download the forms now.
    Math Misplacement

    CSBA's latest governance brief explains the root causes of math misplacement problem, the implications and provides possible solutions that districts should consider when making placement determinations.

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    The Brown Act: School Boards and Open Meeting Laws
    A guide to open meeting laws--revised in Dec. 2014

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