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Recorded: June 25, 2012


As a trustee or top district leader, you probably know your district’s ADA by heart. But do you know what the chronic absence rate is in your district? This month’s webinar, Curbing Chronic Absence, discusses what chronic absence is and why it matters for student achievement and district finances. Viewers will learn from real-life efforts to address chronic absence in two communities—San Francisco and Redwood City.  Finally, Attendance Works will introduce a powerful, new tool—the District Attendance Tracking Tool (DATT)—to aid districts in calculating their chronic absence rates by school, grade level and sub-groups.

Presented by:

  • Hedy Chang, Director, Attendance Works
  • Norman Yee, Board President, San Francisco USD
  • Claudia Anderson, Executive Director, Student, Family & Community Support Department of San Francisco USD
  • Rebecca London, John W. Gardner Center for Youth and Their Communities at Stanford University
  • Cecelia Leong, Technical Assistance Coordinator, Attendance Works