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Guns on Campus (Senate Bill 707)

Senate Bill 707 (Wolk, D-Davis), signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown last October, modifies the Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1995, by eliminating, with limited exceptions, licensed concealed weapon holders from carrying guns on school grounds without district approval. Find out what boards and district leaders need to know to implement effective district policies in accordance with the newly revised law. Also learn about:

  • Policies to adopt for granting or denying permission to carry guns on campus
  • Conditions that may be imposed if districts decide to grant permission
  • Examples of districts that have recently approved or prohibited carrying guns on campus

This webcast is moderated by CSBA General Counsel Keith Bray and features the following presenters:

  • Anne Collins, Attorney, Lozano Smith
  • David Moreno, Attorney, Fagen Friedman and Fulfrost
  • Mike Reid, Board Member, Caruthers USD