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Your move: Gifted children shouldn't become pawns to categorical flexibility

11/15/2011 - Should schools focus on their best and brightest when the demand for scarce resources is so great?

In This Issue

A conversation with ... Jill Wynns

In the divide between ideologues and pragmatists, CSBA’s president-elect says, “I put myself squarely on the pragmatic side.”

Principles of good principals

Effective leadership brings a board’s vision to the school site level

In this era of education reform, school site leaders are increasingly required to act as change agents—or are told to find a new job.


Executive director's note: A profile in courage: Sanger USD governance team

"'Profiles in Courage" is a new occasional column in which we profile school leaders who demonstrate exceptional courage and leadership in representing their students and communities.

Editor's note: ‘The vision thing’

Brian Taylor is the managing editor of California Schools.

BoardWise: Governance team members write in

BoardWise is a forum for board members and superintendents across the state to share questions about governance and board-superintendent relations.

Perspective: Charter schools and collective bargaining: Implications for authorizing agencies

This article will explore how the Education Code makes unionization possible in charter schools, and what the implications are for the oversight duties of charter authorizers.

Class act: ‘Celebrate Science’ has formula for hands-on learning

"Celebrate Science” is an innovative, standards-based program that gives high school science students the opportunity to present hands-on science experiments to local elementary children.

Class act: Every day is Earth Day at Lake Tahoe magnet school

Lake Tahoe Environmental Science Magnet School reopened in September 2005 with a new name and a new focus on integrating environmental science concepts throughout the curriculum.

The last word: Never forget the basics

Never forget the basics. For CSBA, this means ensuring that the work of the association is fully aligned with our Vision and Mission.