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A unique workflow-driven software designed for school districts to realistically manage general education interventions.

Help your financials. Help your students.
Over the years, the number of special education referrals have spiked. Most districts are seeing a rise in both special education costs and enrollment numbers, while seeing an overall decline in enrollment. Solving these issues will require a shift in thinking.

After years of actively helping districts examine their programs, we’ve concluded that implementing a comprehensive Pre-referral Process in general education, controlling the entry point into the special education system,is the only viable solution. That is why we developed Partnering4StudentSuccess; workflow-driven software that replaces the outdated paper process with a Web-based solution for teachers, principals and administrators. For the first time, districts can begin to realistically manage general education interventions and give their teachers immediate classroom support.

With Partnering4StudentSuccess, you will be able to:

  • Increase parent communication and engagement
  • Raise student achievement for all students
  • 500+ Comprehensive classroom interventions
  • Standardized pre-referral practices

Standardize Procedures

  • Districtwide pre-referral practices
  • Consistent interventions
  • Process, Oversight, Measurement


  • Raise student performance
  • Reduce ineligible referrals
  • Better serve students in general ed

Promote Inclusion

  • Maximum exposure to general ed curriculum
  • Refine identification process
  • Promote self-worth & life-long success

Teacher Tools

  • Immediate help in the classroom
  • Comprehensive intervention strategies
  • Inclusive practices

Matrix of Interventions

  • Categorized approaches
  • More than 500 research-based techniques
  • Aligns with PBIS

Parent Communication

  • Increase positive parent engagement
  • Provide relevant explanations
  • Support sound decision-making

For more information, please contact School Innovations & Achievement at 877.954.4357, or visit our website here.