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Arati Nagaraj
Board Member, Saratoga Union School District 

Arati Nagaraj has served on the Saratoga Union School District since 2010. A former educator, Nagaraj brings more than 15 years of experience in education, foundations and technology to her work at CSBA. She is currently on the faculty of CSBA’s Masters in Governance program and teaches the Community Relations & Advocacy modules. In addition, Nagaraj is a Governance Consultant with CSBA’s Governance Consulting Services developing customized board development workshops to governance teams.

Nagaraj’s started in education as a Montessori teacher and moved to textbook curriculum development. More recently she served as the Director of the Learning Innovation Hub at Silicon Valley Education Foundation and is consulting on edtech implementation, educational professional development, strategic planning and curriculum design.

Arati brings to CSBA her vast experience in governance and training, and a passion for community outreach.