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About CSBA

California County Boards of Education

The California County Boards of Education is the voice for county boards of education at the state and federal levels. CCBE impacts policies and legislation affecting all public schools.

California County Superintendents Educational Services Association

The California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) provides the organizational mechanism for the 58 County Superintendents of Schools to design and implement statewide programs to identify and promote quality cost-effective educational practices and services, and provide support to school districts in the areas of student services, curriculum and instructional services, fiscal accountability and business services, and technology and telecommunications. CCSESA advocates on behalf of K-12 and early childhood education at state and federal levels, and in partnership with state agencies, develops and coordinates statewide training to implement new responsibilities of county superintendents to ensure consistent statewide application and standards.

California Education Coaliton for Health Care Reform

California Education Coalition for Health Care Reform is a statewide partnership of employer and employee organizations committed to addressing runaway healthcare costs in the public education sector in California. In June 2007, funding was provided to the coalition through the Center for Collaborative Solutions by the Endowment, California Health Care Foundation and CECHCR member organizations for a two-year project.

In January 2010, the coalition asked districts and county offices to adopt a resolution calling upon health care providers to do everything in their power to maintain the current costs and levels of health care programs through a variety of strategies, including increased efficiencies and pricing restraint. Provided for your use is a sample resolution.

California Health Care Coalition

CSBA is a proud member of the California Health Care Coalition is a membership organization of public and private sector employers, unions and health and welfare trust funds, currently representing 3 million Californians. CHCC is determined to improve health care quality and reduce costs without losing benefits.

The California Latino School Boards Association

The California Latino School Boards Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering trustees to drive educational policy for student success. To realize its mission, the Association focuses on narrowing the opportunity gap for K-12 students. Five policy strategies guide CLSBA in this work:

  • Reversing the Drop-out Rate
  • Empowering Youth and Preventing Gangs
  • Promoting P-12 Articulation
  • Enhancing Parent Involvement
  • Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners

California’s Master Plan for Education

The Office of Education Master Plan has officially sunset and California’s Master Plan for Education is now available through the California State Library Archive.

California-Shanghai Principal Exchange Program

The “Shanghai-California Principal Exchange Program” is an educational exchange program between the California School Boards Association and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Learn more ».

CCS Partnership

The CCS Partnership is a joint effort of the League of California Cities, the California State Association of Counties and the California School Boards Association. The partnership promotes the development of public policies that build and preserve communities by encouraging local collaborative efforts among California's 478 cities, 58 counties and more than 1,000 school boards and districts the partners represent.

Center for Public Education

The Center for Public Education is a national resource for accurate, timely, and credible information about public education and its importance to the well-being of our nation. The center provides up-to-date research, data, and analysis on current education issues and explores ways to improve student achievement and engage public support for public schools.

National School Boards Association

The National School Boards Association is a not-for-profit Federation of state associations of school boards across the United States. Its mission is to foster excellence and equity in public education through school board leadership.

TEACH California

TEACH California is a Web site administered by the California Department of Education. With the understanding that California faces a great shortage of special education, mathematics, and science teachers, the site is designed to explain the teacher preparation process, assist prospective teachers in creating their plan to become credentialed teachers, and offer links to important resources.