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AdvocacyPublic, legislative and legal advocacy

Federal Board Member Action Day is a special opportunity for board members to join with CSBA to to promote CSBA's legislative agenda and make a difference on key policy and legislative issues impacting public schools and students. On March 19, 2014, governance teams from across the state met with their federal representatives and/or their staff at their local district offices. CSBA members are still encouraged to meet with their members of Congress about these important issues. Request a meeting.

Advocating to federal lawmakers on behalf of public education is a critical job of school board members. School board members are the only democratically elected body representing the many voices of local communities on education and children’s issues and are uniquely suited to advocate for laws that support CSBA's legislative agenda. Federal Board Member Action Day is your opportunity to join with CSBA to make a difference.

Materials and handouts

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