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AboutLeadership, organizational structure, benefits, and business partners and affiliates



William Farris
Sierra Sands USD

(760) 499-1600


Jacquie Gaebe (Visalia USD/Subregion A)
(559) 730-7300

Peter Lara (Porterville USD/Subregion A)
(559) 793-2456

Felipe Martinez (Porterville USD/Subregion A)
(559) 793-2456

Cathy Mederos (Tulare Joint Union HSD/Subregion A)
(559) 688-2021

Leigh Ann Cook (Rosedale Union ESD/Subregion B)
(661) 588-6000

Pamela Jacobsen (Standard ESD/Subregion B)
(661) 392-2110

David Manriquez (Kern HSD/Subregion B)
(661) 827-3100

Keith Wolaridge (Panama-Buena Vista Union SD/Subregion B)
(661) 831-8331 x6104

County Delegate

Mary Little
(661) 636-4000


Tulare (Subregion A)
Kern (Subregion B)


Tulare (Subregion A)
Tulare COE
Farmersville USD
Allensworth ESD
Alpaugh USD
Alta Vista ESD
Buena Vista ESD
Burton ESD
Columbine ESD
Cutler-Orosi Joint USD
Ducor Union ESD
Hope ESD
Hot Springs ESD
Kings River Union ESD
Oak Valley Union ESD
Monson-Sultana Joint Union ESD
Liberty ESD
Lindsay USD
Palo Verde Union ESD
Outside Creek ESD
Richgrove ESD
Pleasant View ESD
Pixley Union ESD
Saucelito ESD
Sunnyside Union ESD
Strathmore Union ESD
Traver Joint ESD
Rockford ESD
Sequoia Union ESD
Stone Corral ESD
Tulare Joint Union HSD
Tipton ESD
Three Rivers Union ESD
Tulare City SD
Terra Bella Union ESD
Visalia USD
Waukena Joint Union ESD
Sundale Union ESD
Springville Union ESD
Earlimart ESD
Woodville ESD
Porterville USD
Dinuba USD
Woodlake USD
Exeter USD

Kern (Subregion B)
Kern COE
Arvin Union SD
Bakersfield City ESD
Beardsley ESD
Blake ESD
Lakeside Union ESD
Buttonwillow Union ESD
Elk Hills ESD
Caliente Union ESD
Edison ESD
Fruitvale ESD
Delano Joint Union HSD
Panama-Buena Vista Union SD
Delano Union ESD
Greenfield Union ESD
Di Giorgio ESD
General Shafter ESD
Fairfax ESD
Kern HSD
Kernville Union ESD
Lamont ESD
Linns Valley-Poso Flat Union ESD
Richland SD
Lost Hills Union ESD
Maple ESD
McKittrick ESD
Maricopa USD
Midway ESD
Mojave USD
Muroc Joint USD
Norris SD
Rosedale Union ESD
Pond Union ESD
Semitropic ESD
Southern Kern USD
Standard ESD
South Fork Union SD
Taft City SD
Taft Union HSD
Vineland ESD
Tehachapi USD
Wasco Union HSD
Wasco Union ESD
Rio Bravo-Greeley Union ESD
Sierra Sands USD
McFarland USD
El Tejon USD