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AboutLeadership, organizational structure, benefits, and business partners and affiliates



Wendy Jonathan
Desert Sands USD

(760) 777-4200


Alfredo Andrade (Banning USD/Subregion A)
(951) 922-0205

Kenneth Dickson (Murrieta Valley USD/Subregion A)
(951) 696-1600

Robert Garcia (Jurupa USD/Subregion A)
(951) 360-4100

Madonna Gerrell (Palm Springs USD/Subregion A)
(760) 883-2700

Blanca Hall (Coachella Valley USD/Subregion A)
(760) 399-5137

Tom Hunt (Riverside USD/Subregion A)
(951) 788-7135

Cleveland Johnson (Moreno Valley USD/Subregion A)
(951) 571-7500

Marla Kirkland (Val Verde USD/Subregion A)
(951) 940-6100

Susan Lara (Beaumont USD/Subregion A)
(951) 845-1631

Patricia Lock-Dawson (Riverside USD/Subregion A)
(951) 788-7135

David Nelissen (Perris Union HSD/Subregion A)
(951) 943-6369

Bill Newberry (Corona-Norco USD/Subregion A)
(951) 736-5010

Loren Primmer (Desert Center USD/Subregion A)
(760) 413-2646

Kristi Rutz-Robbins (Temecula Valley USD/Subregion A)
(951) 676-2661

Victor Scavarda (Hemet USD/Subregion A)
(951) 765-5100

Susan Scott (Lake Elsinore USD/Subregion A)
(951) 253-7000

Mary Ybarra (Corona-Norco USD/Subregion A)
(951) 736-5010

Ralph Fernandez (Brawley Union HSD/Subregion B)
(760) 312-5819

Diahna Garcia-Ruiz (Central Union HSD/Subregion B)
(760) 336-4500

Gloria Santillan (Brawley ESD/Subregion B)
(760) 344-2330

County Delegate

Wendel Tucker
(951) 826-6530


Riverside (Subregion A)
Imperial (Subregion B)


Riverside (Subregion A)
Riverside COE
Lake Elsinore USD
Murrieta Valley USD
Temecula Valley USD
Val Verde USD
Alvord USD
Banning USD
Beaumont USD
Corona-Norco USD
Desert Center USD
Hemet USD
Desert Sands USD
Jurupa USD
Menifee Union ESD
Moreno Valley USD
Nuview Union SD
Perris ESD
Romoland ESD
Riverside USD
Palm Springs USD
San Jacinto USD
Perris Union HSD
Palo Verde USD
Coachella Valley USD

Imperial (Subregion B)
Imperial COE
Brawley ESD
Calipatria USD
Central Union HSD
Imperial USD
Heber ESD
Brawley Union HSD
El Centro ESD
Calexico USD
Holtville USD
Magnolia Union ESD
McCabe Union ESD
Meadows Union ESD
Mulberry ESD
San Pasqual Valley USD
Westmorland Union ESD
Seeley Union ESD
Imperial Valley ROP