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About Leadership, organizational structure, benefits, and business partners and affiliates



Alisa MacAvoy
Redwood City ESD

(650) 423-2200


Emily Murase (San Francisco County & USD/Subregion A)
(415) 241-6427

Rachel Norton (San Francisco County & USD/Subregion A)
(415) 241-6427

Shamann Walton (San Francisco County & USD/Subregion A)
(415) 241-6427

Davina Drabkin (Burlingame ESD/Subregion B)
(650) 259-3800

Carrie Du Bois (Sequoia Union HSD/Subregion B)
(650) 369-1411

Marc Friedman (San Mateo Union HSD/Subregion B)
(650) 558-2299

Clayton Koo (Jefferson ESD/Subregion B)
(650) 991-1000

Kevin Martinez (San Bruno Park ESD/Subregion B)
(650) 624-3100

Kalimah Salahuddin (Jefferson Union HSD/Subregion B)
(650) 550-7969

County Delegate

Beverly Gerard
(650) 802-5300


San Francisco (Subregion A)
San Mateo (Subregion B)


San Francisco (Subregion A)
San Francisco County & USD

San Mateo (Subregion B)
San Mateo COE
South San Francisco USD
Jefferson ESD
Pacifica SD
Burlingame ESD
San Mateo Union HSD
San Mateo-Foster City SD
Brisbane ESD
Jefferson Union HSD
Ravenswood City ESD
Cabrillo USD
San Bruno Park ESD
Las Lomitas ESD
Menlo Park City ESD
Portola Valley ESD
Millbrae ESD
Sequoia Union HSD
Woodside ESD
Belmont-Redwood Shores ESD
Hillsborough City SD
La Honda-Pescadero USD
Redwood City ESD
San Carlos ESD
Bayshore ESD