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AboutLeadership, organizational structure, benefits, and business partners and affiliates



Christopher Oase
Ripon USD

(209) 599-2131


Donald Donaire (Stockton USD/Subregion A)
(209) 933-7070

Susan Macfarlane (Lodi USD/Subregion A)
(209) 331-7000

Cecilia Mendez (Stockton USD/Subregion A)
(209) 933-7070

David Pombo (Lammersville Joint USD/Subregion A)
(209) 836-7400

Kate Powell (Escalon USD/Subregion A)
(209) 838-3591

Marla Sousa Livengood (Linden USD/Subregion A)
(209) 887-3894

Kennetha Stevens (Stockton USD/Subregion A)
(209) 933-7070

Sherri Reusche (Calaveras USD/Subregion B)
(209) 754-2339

Kathi Dunham-Filson (Denair USD/Subregion C)
(209) 632-7514

Mary Jackson (Turlock USD/Subregion C)
(209) 667-0632 x2002

Lourdes Perez (Ceres USD/Subregion C)
(209) 556-1500

Zachery Ramos (Gustine USD/Subregion D)
(209) 854-3784

Kelly Thomas (Winton SD/Subregion D)
(209) 357-6175

County Delegate

Juliana Feriani
(209) 536-2000


Amador (Subregion B)
San Joaquin (Subregion A)
Calaveras (Subregion B)
Tuolumne (Subregion B)
Stanislaus (Subregion C)
Merced (Subregion D)


Amador (Subregion B)
Amador County & USD

San Joaquin (Subregion A)
San Joaquin COE
Banta USD
Escalon USD
Jefferson ESD
Lammersville Joint USD
Lincoln USD
Linden USD
Lodi USD
Manteca USD
New Hope ESD
Oak View Union ESD
New Jerusalem ESD
Stockton USD
Ripon USD
Tracy Joint USD

Calaveras (Subregion B)
Calaveras COE
Bret Harte Union HSD
Calaveras USD
Mark Twain Union ESD
Vallecito Union ESD

Tuolumne (Subregion B)
Tuolumne COE
Big Oak Flat-Groveland USD
Belleview ESD
Columbia Union SD
Curtis Creek ESD
Jamestown ESD
Sonora SD
Sonora Union HSD
Soulsbyville ESD
Summerville ESD
Summerville Union HSD
Twain Harte SD

Stanislaus (Subregion C)
Stanislaus COE
Ceres USD
Chatom Union SD
Denair USD
Empire Union SD
Gratton ESD
Hart-Ransom Union SD
Knights Ferry ESD
Keyes Union ESD
Hickman Charter SD
Paradise ESD
Modesto City Schools
Stanislaus Union ESD
Patterson Joint USD
Roberts Ferry Union ESD
Salida Union SD
Shiloh ESD
Sylvan Union ESD
Valley Home Joint ESD
Newman-Crows Landing USD
Hughson USD
Oakdale Joint USD
Waterford USD
Riverbank USD
Turlock USD

Merced (Subregion D)
Merced COE
Dos Palos Oro Loma Joint USD
Delhi USD
Atwater ESD
Ballico-Cressey ESD
El Nido ESD
Hilmar USD
Le Grand Union ESD
Le Grand Union HSD
Livingston Union SD
Merced City ESD
Plainsburg Union ESD
Planada ESD
Winton SD
Los Banos USD
Merced Union HSD
Snelling-Merced Falls Union ESD
Weaver Union SD
McSwain Union ESD
Gustine USD
Merced River Union ESD