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On October 10, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed Assembly Bill 375, citing many of the same reasons as CSBA why the bill was "an imperfect solution" to streamlining the teacher dismissal process. Read the governor's veto message here.

Advocacy efforts

Assembly Bill 375 will make it more difficult to dismiss teachers who may be a threat to student safety by: imposing time limits for the commencement and completion of an appeal of a local education agency’s (LEA) decision to dismiss a teacher; adding procedural steps that could be used to delay; and constraining the ability of LEAs to amend charges and depose witnesses to substantiate the charges.  Join CSBA in asking Gov. Jerry Brown to veto AB 375.

Take Action
  • Call Governor Jerry Brown: State Capitol Office (916) 445-2841 or Los Angeles Office (855) 468-2796
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