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Charter Schools: A Guide for Governance Teams

Author: CSBA
Publication Date: 2016

As of May 2021, the Charter Schools manual has been updated as an e-book. This e-book can be purchased at

Charter schools are a significant part of today’s public education landscape. More than 1,200 charter schools serve over 540,000 students statewide — or approximately 9 percent of all K-12 students in California. Since this guide was last published in 2012, significant changes to California’s school funding, accountability and assessment system have impacted all public schools, including charter schools. Charter schools are now funded under the Local Control Funding Formula as opposed to the previous block grant structure, and they are adapting to the new academic content standards and requirements, including the California State Standards based on Common Core and the Local Control and Accountability Plans. This guide is designed to help California’s school governance leaders to understand and execute their governance and charter school oversight responsibilities in a productive manner and to more effectively educate all students.