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Community Engagement Services

California Education Partners

The California Education Partners team is made up of folks who’ve walked in your shoes. We share your commitment to creating better outcomes for students who’ve had too many barriers thrown in the way of their path to success. District teams join a collaboration with other district teams tackling similar challenges – from high school On Track to aligning learning TK to 3rd grade and everything in between. Contact us for specific collaboration opportunities.

Contact : Steven Kellner

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California Teachers Association

The California Teachers Association exists to protect and promote the well-being of its members; to improve the conditions of teaching and learning; to advance the cause of free, universal, and quality public education for all students; to ensure that the human dignity and civil rights of all children, youth and adults are protected; and to secure a more just, equitable, and democratic society. Our 310,000 members make up the largest affiliate in the 3-million member National Education Association. CTA has 1,100 local chapters in school districts throughout California. Find out more about CTA at

Contact : Candice Alexander

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Feet First California

Feet First California is forging resilient youth through movement and mindset. Their program transforms the lives of disengaged youth through an innovative approach that combines non-contact, cardio boxing workouts with social-emotional learning to build character, confidence and coping skills.

Contact : Dan Dorsett

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High Performance Acadamy

High Performance Academy (HPA), founded in 2012 in Fresno, California, stands at the forefront of sports education and career advancement, embodying our ethos 'Be Legendary'. With a commitment to nurturing over 10,000 athletes annually nationwide, HPA has become a home for aspiring talents, guiding over 100 athletes to elite colleges and professional stages. Our expansive curriculum, from youth and adult leagues to holistic child development and wellness programs, leverages global insights and innovative techniques. HPA's dedication to the growth of athletes—emphasizing mental, physical, and social-emotional skills alongside values like leadership, teamwork, and perseverance—extends through our School Programs. As we continue to expand our reach, integrating advanced techniques and fostering legendary achievements, HPA reshapes the future of sports, making every training session an opportunity to excel and inspire.

Contact : Christian Covarrubias

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School Yard Rap

Contact : Maria Lee

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TeamCivX, LLC

TeamCivX helps school districts secure billions in local revenue through successful bond and parcel tax elections. We’re a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience helping school districts and other public agencies implement informational communication efforts to raise awareness of your needs and support agency transparency and community engagement. We’re proud to maintain a win rate of over 90% in every corner of our home state. Visit to learn more.

Contact : Joy Kummer

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The Maclean Group

We are a California based diversity supplier (Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise) that specializes in delivering health and safety supplies to school districts—ventilation and air purification equipment, masks, sanitizing products, and much more. With a track record across the U.S. and a current awardee of the California statewide mask contract, Maclean Health is the solution for all procurement, including healthcare supplies, technology supplies, office supplies, and critical school safety supplies. Maclean Health seeks to be your one-stop solution for supply procurement.

Contact : Tony Campos

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U.S. Army ROTC 8th Brigade

Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is a training program of the United States armed forces present on college campuses to recruit and educate commissioned officers. It’s designed as a college elective, and studies focus on leadership development, problem solving, strategic planning, and professional ethics. Army ROTC teaches skills needed to be a leader. It combines classroom time with hands-on experience while students also learn leadership and management skills. Offered at more than 1,000 colleges and universities, students get college experience along with a guaranteed career after graduation as a second lieutenant in the Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard.

Contact : Suriene Boldt

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VMA Communications, Inc.

We are an online media service developed to facilitate media coverage of events, programs and services in schools throughout Southern California.

Contact : Valerie Martinez

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Voler Strategic Advisors

Voler Strategic Advisors is a premier strategic communications firm which specializes in working with educational institutions. Offering seamless daily support, expert public relations, crisis management, and tailored marketing strategies, we assist partners in navigating challenges with proven success. With over 60 awards for excellence, including 9 Emmys, our team brings creativity and results-oriented approaches to help organizations throughout California achieve their goals. Partner with us to engage your communities and expand your impact.

Contact : Diego Barragan

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