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Curriculum and Instructional Materials

Acellus - International Academy of Science

Acellus Academy is an accredited online K-12 school which utilizes the same Acellus Learning Accelerator technology used by thousands of schools across the nation. Students may earn an accredited high school diploma upon graduating from Acellus Academy.

Contact : Marti Asay

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Aeries Software

We are the most widely used student information system in California. Since 1995, we have earned a reputation for scalability, dependability and cost effectiveness. 530 California school districts and educational agencies utilize our SIS. We service millions of students, parents and educators. Aeries SIS is simply the center of your solution.

Contact : Brandon Cruz

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Audio Enhancement

Audio Enhancement was founded in 1978 on the idea that “learning begins with hearing.” As pioneers of classroom audio technology, Audio Enhancement brings clarity and success to students and teachers. For 40 years, Audio Enhancement has created and delivered research-driven solutions to complex education problems in classrooms around the world. What started as an effort to help children with hearing impairments succeed in school quickly became a way to enable all students to hear and learn.

Contact : Tanner Anderson

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Capturing Kids' Hearts / Powered by The Flippen Group

Through experiential training, expert coaching, an SEL curriculum for students, and ongoing personalized support, Capturing Kids' Hearts® equips professionals in K-12 education to implement transformational processes focused on social-emotional wellbeing, relationship-driven campus culture, and student connectedness. Our research-based processes improve the five key indicators of school performance: fewer discipline referrals, improved attendance, higher student achievement, lower dropout rates, and higher teacher satisfaction. Throughout our 30-year legacy of advancing social emotional learning, the Capturing Kids’ Hearts team has impacted millions of students. We train over 37,000 educators a year and our processes are being implemented with fidelity on campuses in 44 states nationwide.

Contact : Ruthy Boring

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Creating Creators LLC

Creating Creators is a youth development company that supports academic and 21st century skill building through filmmaking in K-12th grade classrooms. With our combined 20 years of experience in filmmaking and input from educators, we provide film pathway curricula for districts that are aligned with ELA, ELD, VAPA, and CTE standards. Year long classroom support is provided by our trained teaching artists that guide students through writing, producing, and editing their own stories as 3-5 min films. Our mission is to introduce industry, technology, and executive skills to students through a seamless blend of education and apprenticeship style learning.

Contact : Jessica Just

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Curriculum Associates

Founded in 1969, Curriculum Associates builds research-based, award-winning products including i-Ready, Ready Classroom Mathematics and the all-new supplemental reading program Magnetic Reading. Through valid and reliable assessment data, high quality instructional materials, and world class support, we help educators realize all students’ greatest potential.

Contact : John Sipe

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EDMO is a nonprofit organization committed to providing equitable out-of-school learning experiences for kids, with a focus on dismantling systemic inequities. We offer award-winning STEAM and SEL curriculum tailored to meet our partner schools' needs. Our inclusive programs empower kids to embrace their authentic selves and approach the world with curiosity, courage, and kindness. Experienced in ELO-P funding, program design, and compliance, we ensure your school meets state audit requirements. At EDMO, we celebrate differences, make learning fun, and encourage kids to believe in themselves, fostering a more connected and confident world.

Contact : Eduardo Caballero

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eDynamic Learning

eDynamic Learning is a teacher-founded company dedicated to supporting educators with equitable and accessible resources to prepare learners for life after graduation. With over 250 courses spanning grades 6-12, we are the largest publisher of teacher-facilitated CTE and elective digital curricula in North America. Our supplemental resources expand awareness of STEM, CS, and career exploration, with 1/3 of all US high schools using our virtual business simulations. We offer California-certified teachers to offer personalized learning when instructional services are needed. Our robust portfolio of solutions and services allows us to help educators overcome the common challenges of college and career readiness.

Contact : April Rubio

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Expatiate Communications Inc.

Expatiate Communications is a premier educational management consulting firm and brings real time AI based predictive analysis program ( iTAAP®)for LEAs which projects future California School Dashboard colors as well as various compliance metrics such as PIR, CIM, MOE, and SPED Excess Costs. Along with predictions at the District and school level, iTAAP drills down to identify specific students whose academic performance contributes heavily towards a lower category of colors. This data will empower the LEAs to achieve a higher classification in the CA School Dashboard by targeting those specific at need students for assistance before they are identified by the school's internal processes.

Contact : Arjun Kushwaha

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For over 35 years, Extron has been a leader in the development of innovative AV solutions for the education market. This includes PoleVault Digital classroom AV systems, VoiceLift Pro microphone systems, TeamWork and ShareLink collaboration systems, StudioStation recording solutions, and GlobalViewer software for network based AV resource management and campus communications. Our unique Classroom Technology Grant Program provides increased visibility and expanded access to AV technology by supplying selected pilot classrooms with advanced audio video solutions.

Contact : Anthony Cortes

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Imagine Learning

A newly unified portfolio of products delivers services that creatively transform what's possible for all educators and K–12 students. Use insights from real-time data to meet each student’s individual learning needs and enable their success, not only for today but for a lifetime of future learning.

Contact : Ann Zinni

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Lincoln Learning Solutions

Lincoln Learning Solutions is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2005 and accredited through Cognia and WASC. Dedicated to collaborating with educators in leveraging our curriculum and services, we facilitate student success in and beyond the classroom. We have been developing an innovative EK-12 digital curriculum and providing students with personalized learning pathways for almost two decades. In addition to our curriculum, we provide supplemental content support with our Lincoln Content Bank, training and implementation services, and customer support services with our highly qualified Customer Success Specialists. As a nonprofit organization, maximizing student potential is our bottom line. Our education solutions can guarantee our clients and their students will receive the tools necessary for success in the most streamlined manner possible. Our versatile EK-12 curriculum is textbook-free and comprised of granular learning objects consumed in a full-course format or individually, allowing for unlimited personalization and customization. From a technical standpoint, our digital content delivery methodology allows us to enhance our curriculum on demand, which is essential to maintaining the most effective, user-friendly, and accurate content possible. Additionally, our Lincoln Content Bank is a repository of vetted material containing over 100,000 Learning Objects empowering teachers to easily find and seamlessly incorporate any content into students’ existing learning materials for supplemental support, remediation, and enrichment opportunities, individualized tutoring support, and much more. Finally, the Lincoln Learning Solutions’ training and implementation services equip administrators, teachers, and families with the tools necessary for student success through webinars, workshops, and a variety of resources. Our team strives to provide clients with relevant, customized training and is present during the entire lifetime of a client from implementation to course finalization.

Contact : Amanda Clear

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Littera Education Inc.

Littera Education Collaborates with schools and districts to tailor, deliver, and sustain K-12 High-Impact Tutoring programs to help students achieve greater learning outcomes. Our US Based tutors are highly vetted and trained in a number of award-winning curriculum options with many being bilingual and multilingual. Our tutors meet live through our proprietary virtual classroom which also captures robust data for program managers to track student attendance, progress, feedback, and skill development. We specialize in Literacy (with an emphasis on foundational reading and writing), English Language Acquisition for newcomers, and Math (with an emphasis on skills and support leading to Algebra readiness).

Contact : Tanya Lerch

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Nicole Anderson and Associates, LLC

Nicole Anderson and Associates Consulting specializes in providing professional development services focused on educational and racial equity for school districts, county offices, non-profits, and multiple industries around the state of California and nation.

Contact : Nicole Anderson

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Pali Institute

At Pali Institute our mission is to introduce experiential education to young people by providing progressive learning experiences that extend far beyond classroom walls. Students will experience the thrill of seeing, touching, and learning about the environment and our impact on the world. Each student that attends Pali Institute should leave with an increased understanding of our human impact and respect for themselves, each other, and the environment. At Pali Institute, we bring textbooks to life!

Contact : Bridgette Janes

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Rethink Ed

Rethink Ed provides a comprehensive platform featuring web-based assessments, curriculum, PD, delta-tracking, SEL, mental health and special education support and tools to promote collaboration and inspire learning.

Contact : Tania Bradford

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Swing Education

Contact : Jill Caldwell

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Varsity Tutors for Schools

Varsity Tutors for Schools is a leading education solution provider, offering personalized one-to-one and small group high-dosage tutoring, 24/7 on-demand chat tutoring, and a range of robust learning resources. Trusted by over 500 schools and districts, our tailored offerings empower educational institutions to meet their goals for student success and family engagement.

Contact : Kim Guerin

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Voccent Languages

Voccent is a transformative language learning platform empowering schools to cultivate multilingual proficiency and emotional understanding in students. Schools can craft their unique learning content or tap into our extensive pre-existing materials, tailored for any language. With our innovative technologies, we provide comprehensive vocal analysis and voice vibration studies, teaching students not just how to listen and speak, but also imparting a deeper emotional comprehension. At Voccent, we go beyond conventional language teaching - we create linguistically adept, emotionally intelligent global citizens.

Contact : Victor Brunko

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Wonder Valley Outdoor Education Center

Bring the classroom outdoors to Wonder Valley Outdoor Education Center, where learning comes naturally! In Central California on a 75-acre campus, students engage in hands-on learning with our qualified instructors. With 40+ courses aligning with California State and NGSS, schools customize two, three, or four-night programs. Overnight trips include a health center and licensed nurse, along with well-balanced buffet meals. Participants stay in easily accessible, comfortable resort-style accommodations. As an award-winning youth industry leader for over 50 years, Wonder Valley offers memorable outdoor experiences and innovative learning opportunities, designed to complement any school’s curriculum.

Contact : Josh Peine

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Woodcraft Rangers

Woodcraft Rangers is a leader in expanded learning, supporting 20,000 youth at over 110 Title I schools throughout Los Angeles county, with before and after school enrichment, and summer day and sleepaway camp programs. In 1922, Woodcraft Rangers opened its doors in Los Angeles and began its mission of guiding young people as they explore pathways to purposeful lives. Always committed to access and inclusion, all youth regardless of their background were invited to participate, and guided to develop a holistic sense of self through the “Woodcraft Way,” a fourfold path of body, mind, spirit, and service and a precursor to the whole development model.

Contact : Andres De La Peza

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