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Financial Services


Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated (“Baird”) is a leading public finance bond underwriting firm with a longstanding presence in California. Baird has been underwriting bonds for California school districts for more than 20 years and provides underwriting services on general obligation bonds, certificates of participation, special tax bonds (community facilities district financings), tax and revenue anticipation notes, bond anticipation notes, tax-exempt and taxable refunding bonds, and private placement financings.

Contact : John Baracy

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Barber & Barber Associates, Inc.

We provide educational consulting services and Medi-Cal/LEA billing services. Proudly works with CSBA on the Medi-Cal Services Program.

Contact : Dr. Vicki L. Barber

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Caldwell Flores Winters, Inc.

We provide Planning, Financial Advisory and Program Implementation services to school districts throughout California.

Contact : Rosa Perez

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California's Valued Trust

California's Valued Trust (CVT) is one of California's largest labor/management trusts specializing in healthcare benefits for the education community. CVT provides participants high-quality and cost-effective benefit choices including medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, group term life insurance, EAP and innovative health programs.

Contact : Trudi Robertson

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Dale Scott & Company

We provide California school districts with comprehensive financial advisory services including customized bond financing plans, election planning, cash flow financing, and continuing disclosure filing services.

Contact : Dale Scott

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Eastshore Consulting

• Eastshore Consulting provides trusted advice to meet the financial and political needs of California school districts. We are committed to using our 50-plus years of combined senior experience to serve as your true fiduciary, providing sound, independent recommendations and guidance that put your goals and your community first. We offer financial advisory and facilities planning services, bond and parcel tax election strategies, public relations assistance and fiscal and policy consulting.

Contact : Michael Riemenschneider

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Eide Bailly

Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co., LLP recently joined Top 25 CPA firm Eide Bailly, bringing more than 100 years of successful auditing, accounting, tax expertise and business consulting experience to serve you. Our combined firm is consistently ranked among the top five California CPA firms. Eide Bailly helps clients embrace the opportunities that change and innovation bring to the evolving business landscape and personal financial decisions, with offices throughout California, the West and Midwest.

Contact : Destiny Garcia

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Fieldman, Rolapp & Associates, Inc.

We are a California-based financial advisory (municipal advisor) that serve school districts and other public agencies. Fieldman, Rolapp & Associates was founded in 1966 and assist with all forms of debt including General Obligation Bonds, Certificate of Participation and Community Facilities Districts.

Contact : Deanne Coats

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KeyAnalytics, a division of California Financial Services

KeyAnalytics provides key professional support and information management software to enable school districts to clearly see options, challenges and obligations of ongoing bond programs and multi-year construction programs. In addition to tracking and standardizing compliant reporting of project revenue and expenditures with minimal additional staff time, KeyAnalytics also provides experienced consulting support to quickly answer district's questions regarding the State School Building Program, developer mitigation expenditure rules, and general municipal bond rules.

Contact : Michael Dodge

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Keygent LLC

Keygent provides strategic and technical municipal advisory services to California school districts. We serve as our clients’ fiduciary at all times, ensuring their best interests are met. In a complex process that can span months or even years, we are there every step of the way. We are committed to providing our clients with the lowest cost of borrowing. This is achieved through expert financial modeling, credit analysis and pricing review.

Contact : Jennifer Bruner

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KNN Public Finance

We are a financial advisory firm serving public agencies by structuring financing for capital projects and have been ranked first in the number of issues in California for the last 15 years.

Contact : Jessi Vasile

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Piper Sandler

We are the nation's top underwriter of education financings, providing cost-effective assistance to schools for all their financing needs (e.g., TRANs, COPs and G.O. bonds). Proudly works with CSBA to provide the Cash Reserve and Certificates of Participation programs, part of the CSBA Finance and District Services Corporations.

Contact : Mark Adler

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Raymond James & Associates

We are among the leading public finance bond underwriters in the nation and California, providing investment banking services to California’s school districts. Our services include the issuance of General Obligation Bonds, Certificates of Participation and financing for energy, equipment and other facilities.

Contact : Randy Merritt

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RBC Capital Markets

RBC Capital Markets has proudly served as one of the leading bond underwriters for California school districts for over three decades. Our firm combines the most knowledgeable education team with the deepest underwriting resources dedicated to school districts.

Contact : Katherine Jacobson

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Stifel, Nicolaus & Company

We are the leading public finance firm in California providing bond underwriting services to California school districts. We assist school districts with the issuance of general obligation bonds, Mello-Roos special tax bonds, COPs and leases, and financings for solar and energy projects.

Contact : Bruce Kerns

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U.S. Bank Global Corporate Trust Services

We proudly serve as the trustee for the Cash Reserve Programs, part of the CSBA Finance Corporation.

Contact : Sheri Ball

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