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School Safety and Culture


Bridg-it School is a multilingual, data-driven risk management solution that provides schools with a private digital platform to report and manage behavioral incidents and promote positive behavior and communication. The platform is web-based and a native application and reaches the whole school community. Students, teachers, and parents use Bridg-it School to safely communicate and report at-risk behaviors, safety concerns, or social and emotional problems. School administrators immediately receive and respond to reports using Bridg-it’s incident management tools and curated restorative resources and activities. Bridg-it School innovatively gathers usage data that maps the behavioral landscape of each school. The platform identifies behavioral trends and outliers - constant victims, constant aggressors, and disconnected students - and measures the efficacy of the applied restorative solutions. Bridg-it School empowers administrators to use these analytics in a predictive way to intervene early, reinforce positive behavior, and reduce and mitigate risk. Additionally, a great deal of research is pointing to the effectiveness of PBIS programs that preemptively mitigate risk. Bridg-it School supports districts and schools with those efforts by universally implementing and managing a culture of positivity.

Contact : Ian Ehrenberg

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