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PUBLISHED: September 2015

ELA worked with Dannis Woliver Kelley and Lozano Smith to prepare and submit brief

Today, CSBA’s Education Legal Alliance filed its amicus brief in Vergara v. California, the high-profile lawsuit challenging three teacher employment statutes: the law granting tenure, the laws governing dismissal of teachers for unsatisfactory performance, and the laws governing the order by which districts may layoff teachers. The trial court ruled that the statutes were unconstitutional because they violated the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights and the case in now on appeal. After receiving feedback from a committee of school board members, the ELA worked with two education law firms (Dannis Woliver Kelley and Lozano Smith) to write an amicus brief that summarizes the trial court’s constitutional analysis, offers the experience that school board members have with implementing the statutes, and describes an alternative statutory scheme that would be both constitutional and viable in light of the trial court’s ruling. To read the brief, please click here.