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California Schools magazine, Fall 2013

Mighty MIG

Times have changed dramatically since the first MIG courses debuted in 1999, and the new MIG is changing with the times. CSBA’s redesigned Masters in Governance program launches this fall.

In This Issue

‘Aha!’ Mastering school funding and finance

MIG equips governance teams for LCFF, other ‘current events’

The redesigned MIG program, with its hybrid classroom approach, helps students make the most of precious class time by giving them access to the basics through homework assignments and online instruction beforehand, so they come to class prepared.

A bright idea: Prop. 39 powers up school savings by driving down energy costs

Proposition 39 comes up with money and closes a loophole that had allowed out-of-state corporations doing business in California to pay lower income tax rates.

Democracy in action

A healthy exchange of news and information engages schools and communities

Engaging the public in school decisions is simply good policy, whether a governance team is building support for a bond issue or parcel tax, considering school closures, or simply keeping the community informed.

Prop.39 may jump-start facility investments

As part of his 2013-14 budget, Gov. Jerry Brown initially proposed distributing Proposition 39 funds solely on average daily attendance, or ADA. Critics complained that a strict ADA-based allocation underserved smaller, poorer school districts that would qualify for sums too small to effect significant improvement or change.

CSBA partnerships maximize members’ energy savings

The new Proposition 39, the California Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2012, has nothing to do with the charter school law of the same number.


Executive Director's note: The road not taken

We are charting a new course of radical change—direly needed change—in our long-held practices, budget assumptions, program delivery, resource allocation, professional development practices for teachers, and much more.

BoardWise: Governance team members write in

BoardWise is a forum for board members and superintendents across the state to share questions about governance and board-superintendent relations. Send your questions to

Editor's note: Math and money: 'Never stop learning'

I was never much good at math or money. School board members have to be very good at both.

Class acts: Tehama County’s smart solution for small schools

Tehama County Office of Education's Golden Bell-winning Small Schools' Consortium

CSBA at issue: You have questions, CSBA has answers

How the state's new Local Control Funding Formula works and where to learn more