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products and servicesOfferings for governance teams, school districts and county offices of education

CSBA’s Legal Services program is a subscription-based program that provides CSBA members with cost-effective legal advice and legal services. Subscribers receive: (1) access to CSBA attorneys who can provide low-cost legal services on all matters related to public education, and (2) unlimited access to our online Resource Library: a repository of CBAs, MOUs, salary schedules, and legal resources designed to assist members in negotiations.

• Affordable legal advice directly from CSBA attorneys 
• Unlimited access to our online Resource Library 
CSBA Legal Services is composed of a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of education law attorneys. With a focus on providing the best legal guidance and advice to school districts and COEs in California, our attorneys are here to handle a variety of your legal needs.
Every LEA can benefit from an outside perspective on legal matters. Whether your LEA does not have attorneys on staff and you want to delegate your legal tasks to CSBA Legal Services, or you already have attorneys and you’re looking for independent consulting, reviews, guidance and advising, CSBA Legal Services is here to assist you with your legal needs.

• Legal advice and counseling
• Independent Investigations 
• Special Education
• Employment matters
• Confidential consulting on legal matters
• Contract review and letter preparation
• Board governance
• Assistance with dispute resolution
• Student matters
Access Valuable Legal Resources with our Resource Library
The Legal Services Resource Library is a one-of-a-kind online repository with contracts and guidance documents specifically designed to assist school districts and county offices of education with labor negotiations, staff hiring, and retention. The Resource Library is a valuable tool for every LEA, even if you are not currently in need of CSBA attorneys.

In addition to providing valuable tools for labor negotiations, the Resource Library hosts hundreds of case updates, legal guidance documents, templates, and more on topics related to education law. 

• Collective Bargaining Agreements, MOUs, and Salary Schedules from LEAs throughout the state 
• Legal Resources, case updates, guidance documents and more 



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