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A comprehensive Facilities Master Plan is an essential element of a district’s planning process. The Facilities Master Plan provides the district with information regarding current and future needs for student housing, quality of the existing facilities, and facilities renovation and expansion requirements to support the district’s educational and programmatic goals. A Master Plan also assists a district in identifying funding needs for capital improvement and developing financing options.

The program

TSS facilities master plans include accurate projections regarding enrollment, careful determination of school site capacity, consideration of educational specifications, a detailed needs assessment and conclusions and recommendations about the availability and timing of financing and funding.

TSS professionals have assisted a number of districts across the State in planning for their facilities needs through the development of high quality comprehensive Facilities Master Plans. Our experts understand the importance of a well-developed Facilities Master Plan and their attention to detail and commitment to accuracy reflect that understanding.


  • Extensive experience in Facilities Master Planning
  • Recognition that education program should derive facilities
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Coordination with the district’s strategic plans


Partner Perspectives:

Creating a Facilities Master Plan Part I: Comprehensive Demographic Studies and Enrollment Projections (3/17) 
Creating a Facilities Master Plan Part II: Critical Elements of a Facilities Needs Assessment for Existing Facilities (3/17)


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