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Total School Solutions provides assistance with all aspects of the funding process from the initial establishment of eligibility to the closeout audit process.

The program

The State Facilities Funding Programs are complex and ever changing. TSS staff keeps abreast with changes in the detailed regulations to ensure compliance in filing applications and maximizing the district funding. The TSS team assists our clients through follow through with the State agencies during the processing of applications. TSS professionals meet with the representatives of agencies to determine the needs of specific projects and assist our clients in optimizing benefit from the programs. TSS staff works as an extension of the district staff and virtually assumes all work and eliminates any concerns for the district regarding the state funding eligibility and application process. The expertise of the TSS staff can help secure additional funding for districts which had not previously been identified.


  • "One stop shop"
  • Streamlined process
  • Cost effective
  • Help identifying and securing opportunities for additional funding


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Aaisha Ahad, Director of Operations