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Total School Solutions provides a comprehensive compliant performance audit for Proposition 39 facilities program.

The program

The California School Boards Association has partnered with Total School Solutions to offer school districts Proposition 39 Bond Performance Audits.

The benefit of this exciting program is a comprehensive performance audit to show your local community how the district has expended bond proceeds. In addition, we solicit and compile feedback on how the community views a district’s school facilities program. The feedback is used to help districts in their public outreach efforts to  the community, and assist in winning approval for future bonds.

Unlike many accountancy, architectural and construction management firms, Total School Solutions has knowledgeable and experienced staff to deliver the most comprehensive performance audit in the state. Our team includes certified public accountants, school business officials, facilities planners, and construction and project managers.

We understand the operations of education agencies and the environment within which they work. We have the unique ability to evaluate the whole spectrum of a facilities program, and to assist districts in meeting the full intent and letter of Proposition 39 measures.

Our blend of financial and program expertise allows us to evaluate the planning, financing and execution of the overall facilities program. Referred to as the TSS Edge, this approach provides a comprehensive solution for the performance audit needs and enhances the public’s trust in the school facilities program.

Annual subjects may include:*

  • Compliance with ballot language
  • State new construction and modernization eligibility
  • Bond management plan
  • Master architect/engineer plan
  • Standard Construction Documents
  • Design and construction schedules
  • Design and construction cost budgets
  • Compliance with state laws and guidelines
  • Labor compliance procedures
  • Compliance with state funding formulas
  • Compliance with district policies and guidelines
  • Bidding and procurement procedures
  • Change order and claim procedures
  • Procedures for claim avoidance
  • Payment procedures
  • Best practices for procurement of materials and services
  • Quality control program
  • Process for soliciting and monitoring of participation by local firms
  • Effectiveness of the communication channels among all stakeholders within the bond program
  • Public outreach program

*All subjects may not be required by each audit. Each has been added by different citizens’ bond oversight committees within their scope of authority.


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