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Safe breathing-zone delivered directly to your district The air we breathe has become increasingly important, especially in our schools and workplaces. The quality of air has a direct impact on absenteeism, student achievement and teacher retention. Together, we can clean the breathing zones in your buildings and defeat the invisible enemies. We are in the business of saving money and saving lives. Running your equipment efficiently saves you money. We deliver a cross-functional team of experts to find solutions unique to your schools and we’ve been doing this for 20 years. Let us help.

How we work

Working with our partner, LifeWings Peak Performance, the Safer Air Initiative provides guidance and expert next-steps on creating safe and healthy air in your local education agencies. 

Assessment and Discovery

  1. Conduct a science-based assessment to evaluate three critical areas for air quality improvement: engineering, clinical and human factors
  2. Identify protocols to prevent the spread of viral pathogens in classrooms, shared spaces, other education sites via HVAC systems, and other modes of spread

Financial Support and Strategic Planning

  1. Identify the public funding available to local education agencies to support SaferAir assessments and any physical improvements that may be necessary based on review
  2. Provide a strategic roll-out plan and prioritized recommendations with the benefits and limitations of each option

Activation and Communication

  1. Implement changes to outside air filtration, building automation, air treatment, air distribution,  monitoring, and capital spend
  2. Implement a Strategic SaferAir Public Engagement Plan to foster adoption and support of SaferAir practices in the county’s public schools

Why Pursue “Safer Air”

The goal of the “Safer Air” approach is not a return to “business as usual," but achieving “safer, healthier, and more productive use” – to enhance our facilities' performance. Studies have shown that Safer Air improves alertness, performance, productivity, and satisfaction. Through the "2021 Safer Air Initiative," LEA’s can tap the hundreds of billions of dollars in federal and state aid and assess what needs to be done structurally -- for schools to remain open and keep occupants protected.

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How to sustain indoor air quality and keep schools open

Aired: June 24, 2021




Richard Doss

LifeWings Peak Performance