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Charter Schools and Board Member Responsibilities

As charter schools continue to be seen by the public as alternatives to traditional public schools, it has become increasingly important for school district leaders to be aware of the circumstances which may lead to charter schools petitioning the governing board to locate in your district or county. Learn about: 

  • What every board member should know about the charter school petitioning process
  • Charter school petition approvals and appeals
  • Each governing board member’s oversight responsibility as a charter authorizer
  • Charter schools locating outside their authorizer’s boundaries
  • Charter school facility requests
  • CSBA’s newly revised Charter School Guide for Governance Teams

Moderated by Keith Bray, CSBA General Counsel, this webcast includes the following guest panelists:

  • Bill Schuetz, Dannis Woliver Kelley
  • Lisa Mori, Fagen Friedman and Fulfrost
  • Manny Buenrostro, CSBA