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Property Planning Solutions by DCG Strategies aims to help school leaders explore the ways in which their real estate assets can be leveraged to secure additional funding for district initiatives, equip students with the education and experiences they need to be successful, invest in deferred facilities maintenance and capital improvements, reduce cost and liability from holding closed or grossly underutilized sites, bolster general fund reserves and even attract new staff.

The program

With California real estate values continuing to break records, local educational agencies should have a clear understanding of their real estate portfolios. Converting property ownership into an active asset can be technically challenging and navigating the politics and personalities in school-related real estate adds another layer of complexity to the process. Property Planning Solutions is uniquely equipped to help secure proper permissions, negotiate the complex legal and political terrain, and effectively engage your community — helping you mitigate and manage risk throughout the process.

School leaders and board members can gain access to real estate experts that work with you to align your LEA’s priorities with the realities of the real estate market. 


  • Real estate consulting 
  • Property planning
  • Strategic asset management
  • Educator housing development
  • Real property brokerage services



Nicole Delos Reyes 

CSBA Program Manager 

About DCG Strategies

DCG Strategies is a commercial real estate firm that specializes in serving the real estate needs of California’s public school districts. Since 2005, DCG Strategies has helped school districts explore their real estate options and develop solutions that restore, revitalize and reinforce long-term sustainability to their mission, enhance community impact, and provide financial returns.