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The CSBA Candidate Review Committee (“Committee”) invites you to participate in this year’s election process for the offices of CSBA Vice President and President-elect. You can help us in two ways: 1) Submit a nomination form for yourself or for another member with their consent and/or 2) Encourage potential candidates to run for office.


A potential candidate must:

  • Serve on a school district or county board that is a member of CSBA.
  • Have completed two years as a member of the Delegate Assembly and four years as a board member on a member board.
  • Submit a minimum of three (3) Nomination Forms for 2025 CSBA Officers. Nominations may be made by either a school or county board that is a member of CSBA, or by an individual member of a CSBA member board.

This year, the following criteria will be used by the Candidate Review Committee to evaluate potential candidates:

A CSBA Leader:

  • Communicates effectively on behalf of public education and, as the face of CSBA, advocates CSBA’s vision, mission, policy platform, and governance structure.
  • Demonstrates advocacy for and knowledge of the diverse educational, economic, social, and emotional needs of all students throughout the State through the lens of equity.
  • Exemplifies strong leadership skills, ethics and integrity, including the ability to collaborate, motivate and inspire.
  • Leads successfully in the face of ongoing change and challenges.
  • Exhibits knowledge of education finance, budget and accountability issues on a statewide and federal basis.
  • Understands, articulates, and influences the legislature’s impact on public education.
  • Engages and supports the power and decision-making of local governance teams, and CSBA’s Delegate Assembly.
  • Commits the time, attention, and energy necessary to serve as a CSBA officer