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About Leadership, organizational structure, benefits, and business partners and affiliates

The CSBA Nominating Committee (“Committee”) invites you to participate in the nominating process for this year’s election of the CSBA Vice President and President-elect. You can help us in two ways: 1) Submit a nomination form for yourself or for another member with their consent and/or 2) Encourage potential candidates to run for office.

A potential candidate must:

  • Serve on a school district or county board that is a member of CSBA.
  • Have completed two years as a member of the Delegate Assembly and four years as a board member on a member board. 
  • Submit a minimum of three (3) Nomination Forms for 2018 CSBA Officers. Nominations may be made by either a school or county board that is a member of CSBA, or by an individual member of a CSBA member board.
This year, the following criteria will be used by the Nominating Committee to evaluate potential candidates for nomination:

  • As the face of CSBA, effectively communicate on behalf of public education and articulately advocate CSBA's role, vision, mission and structure.
  • Have experience, knowledge and conviction to lead CSBA, follow CSBA’s Candidate Code of Ethics, and represent the Association ethically and with integrity.
  • Evidence of proven leadership skills.
  • Ability to articulate and understand the legislature’s impact on public education.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the needs of California’s diverse school districts and student populations.
  • Commit the time and attention necessary to serve as a CSBA officer.

Eligible Candidates

Kathy Spate, Chair of the Nominating Committee and Mike Ambrose, CSBA Staff Attorney have determined (consistent with Article V, Section 2 of the Bylaws) that the Declaration of Candidacy Packets submitted on July 10, 2017, are confirmed completed and the following candidates are eligible for candidacy:

Office of President-elect  Office of Vice President
William H. Farris, Sierra Sands USD
Gregory S. Krikorian, Glendale USD
Emma Turner, La Mesa Spring Valley SD
Micah Ali, Compton USD
Xilonin Cruz-Gonzalez, Azusa USD
Suzanne Kitchens, Pleasant Valley SD