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LCFF will be a main topic of conversation at AEC  

CSBA’s Annual Education Conference and Trade Show comes to San Diego Dec. 5-7.

CSBA has launched a comprehensive and ongoing effort to educate its members about the new Local Control Funding Formula for distributing K-12 education dollars, and about the Local Control and Accountability Plans local educational agencies will need to develop under LCFF.

The first phase of CSBA’s LCFF outreach will culminate in the 2013 Annual Education Conference and Trade Show in San Diego Dec. 5-7. Here’s a daily rundown of LCFF-related presentations planned from AEC’s opening day to the State of the State panel discussion that closes the 2½-day conference.

Thursday, Dec. 5

A Springboard for Student Success: Why Reducing Chronic Absence Matters: Explore ways to reduce instances of chronic absence—students who miss more than 10 percent of school days in a year—to prepare for the Local Control and Accountability Plans that are required under LCFF. This workshop with chronic absence expert Hedy Chang and representatives of the Oakland Unified School District will highlight how a systemic, data-driven approach to interrupting chronic absence is helping raise student achievement in Oakland Unified and improve the district’s fiscal health.

Do You Speak Budget? With LCFF and the Local Control and Accountability Plans required under the formula, communicating clear and concise financial information has never been more important. This session will explore how to effectively communicate financial data to all stakeholders and offers tips on strengthening communication between the chief business official, superintendent and board.

Pure Politics: The Prognosis for Budgets and Policy: Former state Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell, Capitol Advisors LLC President Kevin Gordon and veteran political strategist Larry Tramutola will lead a powerhouse panel discussion on pivotal education policy decisions made in 2013, from LCFF to and legislative “reforms” of school bond funding practices and beyond.

Improving Outcomes for Foster Youth: Students in foster care are among the groups focused on in LCFF’s Local Control and Accountability Plans. At this workshop, representatives of the California Child Welfare Council will discuss efforts their recommendation for a model policy on calculating partial course credit for foster youth who transfer between high schools.

California's Fiscal Outlook and K-12 Education Funding: The Good, the Bad and the Not So Good: Shortly after the state Legislative Analyst's Office releases its annual fiscal outlook in mid-November, representatives from the LAO, CSBA and local districts will delve into the implications for governing boards. Guests include Jennifer Kuhn, deputy legislative analyst in the Legislative Analyst’s Office, San Diego Unified School District Governmental Relations Director Martha Alvarez and Adonai Mack, legislative advocate for the Association of California School Administrators.

Friday, Dec. 6

Equity and Subsidiarity: The Governing Board’s Role in Ensuring Equity and Addressing Disparities in Education: Another powerhouse panel—State Board of Education member Carl Cohn; Rick Simpson, policy director to Assembly Speaker John Pérez; Chris Edley, dean of the Boalt Hall School of Law; and Xilonin Cruz Gonzalez, president of the California Latino School Boards Association—will examine the principle of subsidiarity, or local control, that underlies LCFF as it applies to providing equity in state support of our public education system to advance student achievement.

LCFF and New Collaborations: LCFF calls for meaningful engagement of parents, teachers, principals and other stakeholders in development of local plans that will set goals and strategies to improve outcomes and close gaps in student achievement. This roundtable discussion will bring together a school board member, county superintendent of schools and leaders of organizations that work on issues of stakeholder involvement and improved outcomes for English learners and other student groups.

Implementing LCFF: The Latest from the State Board of Education and California Department of Education: The regulatory framework being developed for LCFF—including a template for the LCAPs that LEAs will need to prepare—will feature State Board of Education member Sue Burr; Jannelle Kubinec of the Comprehensive School Assistance Program at WestEd; and Judy Cias, Chief Counsel, State Board of Education.

Local Control Funding Formula: Where Are We Now and What's Next? Chris Steinhauser, superintendent of the Long Beach Unified School District, and Christine Frazier, superintendent of the Kern County Office of Education, will discuss cutting-edge strategies for local implementation of LCFF, including lessons learned so far and strategies for engagement. Joining them will be CSBA Assistant Executive Director for Governmental Relations Dennis Meyers and Senior Policy and Programs Director Teri Burns.

Saturday, Dec. 7

State of the State: LCFF is sure to be prominent in this General Session that closes out AEC every year. CSBA Executive Director Vernon M. Billy will once again lead this panel discussion of politics and public education. Joining him will be Dennis Meyers, CSBA’s assistant executive director for Governmental Relations; Wes Smith, Ed.D., executive director of the Association of California School Administrators; Ron Bennett, CEO of School Services of California Inc.; and Kevin Gordon, president of Capitol Advisors Group LLC. Register and plan your AEC experience at