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products and servicesOfferings for governance teams, school districts and county offices of education

Manual Maintenance

Manual Maintenance is a subscription service that provides policy updates and ongoing consulting and word processing services to districts and county offices of education with minimal investment of time and money.

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Policy Audit

Districts are mandated by law to adopt over 90 policies, and many others are necessary to ensure legal compliance. Due to the passage of hundreds of new laws every year, district policies can quickly become out-of-date. CSBA’s Policy Audit Program can help you make sure that your district’s policies accurately reflect current state and federal law.

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Policy Development Workshop

Develop a robust and legally compliant policy manual through CSBA’s Policy Development Workshop. Let our policy consultants guide your district or county office of education through the process of developing a manual that addresses key issues and complies with state and federal mandates.

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Policy Online

Policy Online combines two great services – Gamut™ Online and Manual Maintenance. This service allows your district or county office’s updated policy manual to be posted on GAMUT Online, and provides a link that can be used to allow public access to your manual.

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