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Dr. Deborah Sims

Dr. Deborah Sims, an experienced independent consultant with over 35 years in K-12 education and nonprofit organizations, is renowned for her transformative leadership and commitment to educational excellence.

As vice president, Strategic Systems and Innovation at Pivot Learning, Sims spearheaded nationwide initiatives in education finance, leadership development and change management, collaborating with prestigious partners like the Gates Foundation and McKinsey & Company.

Previously, Sims served as superintendent of Antioch Unified School District, achieving notable improvements in student achievement and fiscal solvency and securing substantial foundation support. She began her career at San Francisco USD as an elementary school teacher before climbing the ranks to serve as assistant superintendent, Elementary K-8 Instructional Support and Operation.

A nationally recognized mentor and leader, Sims was the first district superintendent appointed to the Broad Superintendent’s Academy. She also served as a U.S. Department of Education reviewer for the Race to The Top Initiative, a $4 billion grant for educational innovation.

Beyond her professional roles, Sims contributes to various organizations, including the Children’s Council of San Francisco and the American Association of School Administrators. Her dedication has earned her numerous awards for her outstanding contributions to education and community service.

With her unwavering commitment to educational excellence and leadership, Sims continues positively impacting students, educators and communities nationwide.