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Merrill M. Grant, Ed.D.

Merrill M. Grant, Ed.D., has been an educator in California public schools for 33 years. Dr. Grant has served as a teacher, principal, and has been the superintendent in five school districts in suburban, rural and county office settings. Currently, he leads the Fall River Joint Unified School District in northeastern California. Areas of expertise include board/superintendent relations, data analysis to determine system goals and direction, school site leadership, and county office/district board goal setting and strategic planning. He has been named ACSA superintendent/principal of the year for Region 2 and is currently treasurer of the Northern California Superintendent group. He has recently been invited to join the faculty of CSBA and has been participating in the CSBA Superintendent Advisory group the past two years. He earned his bachelor’s degree in English from Chico State University, his master’s degree at Sacramento State University, and a doctorate of educational administration from the University of Southern California.