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Put to the Test
Grading Jerry Brown on education
by Troy Flint

What can Gov.-Elect Newsom do for schools? Suggestions for the new Governor
by Troy Flint

The system of support California’s new model of accountability and assistance
by California Department of Education, California Collaborative for Educational Excellence and State Board of Education

Did your legislator stand up for local governance?
by Aaron Davis

CEO’s note
by Vernon M. Billy

by Steve Ladd, Arati Nagaraj, Sepideh Yeoh

Legal insights
by Mike Ambrose

From the field
By Robin Avelar La Salle and Ruth Johnson

Class act

CSBA at issue
By Manuel Buenrostro and Carlos Machado

Member profile
Interview with Tommy Courtney

CSBA advocacy helps defeat the school start time bill

A conversation with President-elect, Emma Turner