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Education Laws and Regulations, 2022 Edition

Compiled in partnership with the California School Boards Association, this publication is an invaluable resource for all those dealing with the complex and nuanced legal issues currently facing California schools, including attorneys practicing in education law, school principals and administrators, educational organizations and government officials. This 3-volume set will put those laws and regulations that impact California public primary and secondary education easily at your fingertips.

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Accent on Parenting: Tools for Building 21st Century Kids
Author: Barbara D. Tooker
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 12/1/2008 
This book is designed to provide a general education guide to understanding and solving common child-rearing issues.  

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Brown ActAuthor: CSBA
Updated December 2023, “The Brown Act: School Boards and Open Meeting Laws” is your guide to California’s open meeting laws. It’s a must-have for any Board member. This 15th edition reflects the explicit inclusion of governing entities of charter schools as legislative bodies subject to the Brown Act, clarifies the open meeting requirements for LCAP parent advisory committees that are not subject to the Brown Act, and highlights the new laws addressing public comme

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Call to Order: A Blueprint for Great Board MeetingsAuthor: CSBA
Binding: Paperback
Revised: 2018

Call to Order provides boards with a comprehensive resource for planning and conducting board meetings. This second edition has been reorganized, with substantial new content regarding the structure and leadership for board meetings as well as parliamentary procedure for board meetings. Call to Order is the perfect complement to CSBA’s The Brown Act: School Boards and Open Meeting Laws ...

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Charter Schools: A Guide for Governance TeamsAuthor: CSBA
Publication Date: 2016

As of May 2021, the Charter Schools manual has been updated as an e-book. This e-book can be purchased at

Charter schools are a significant part of today’s public education landscape. Since this guide was last published in 2012, significant changes to California’s school funding, accountability and assessment system have impacted

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Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing WorldAuthor: Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 1/1/2010

"What year are you preparing your students for? 1973? 1995? Can you honestly say that your school's curriculum and the program you use are preparing your students for 2015 or 2020? Are you even preparing them for today?" With those provocative questions, author and educator Heidi Hayes Jacobs launches a powerful case for overhauling, updating, and injecting life into the K 12 curriculum. S

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Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun: A Personal History of ViolenceAuthor: Geoffrey Canada
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 4/9/1996

Long before U.S. News and World Report named him one of America's Best Leaders and Oprah Winfrey called him "an angel from God," Geoffrey Canada was a small, vulnerable, scared boy growing up in the South Bronx. Canada's world was one where "sidewalk" boys learned the codes of the block and were ranked through the rituals of fist, stick, and knife. Then the streets changed, and the stakes got even higher

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From Blueprint to Reality: San Diego's Education ReformsAuthors: Julian R. Betts, Andrew C. Zau, Kevin King
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 10/5/2005

During the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 school years, the San Diego Unified School District introduced a focused set of reforms to improve San Diego students’ reading and literacy skills called the Blueprint for Student Success. The changes the district implemented included new teaching materials, double- and even triple-length English classes where necessary, addition

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Game-Changer: How You Can Drive Revenue and Profit Growth with InnovationAuthors: A.G. Lafley and Ram Charan
Binding: Hardcover
Publication Date: 4/8/2008

Lafley, the CEO of Procter & Gamble, and Charan, the bestselling author of "Know-How," show how to change the game of business by making innovation the centerpiece, driving everything from strategy and budgeting to employee selection, promotion, and reward.

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