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products and servicesOfferings for governance teams, school districts and county offices of education

An effective board does more than just conducting meetings. They manage board policy, communicate effectively, and work strategically for the benefit of their organization. The GAMUT board management solution offers a suite of integrated modules that maximize productivity, streamline communication, and stay focused and aligned with what matters most to you.

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GAMUT Policy Subscribers: To access CSBA’s sample policies, please click here.

The most comprehensive set of sample school policies in California.

The most comprehensive set of sample school policies in California. Board policies and administrative regulations can be hard to keep track of when you’re busy working on strategic initiatives. CSBA’s GAMUT Policy offers quick access to more than 650 sample board policies, regulations, bylaws, and their legal references.

  • 24 hour access to CSBA's Sample Policy Manual
  • Receive email notification when a policy has been updated
  • Find legal references directly linked to policies
  • Search all of our sample policies to quickly get the information you need

Make managing your local policies even easier

Board policies and administrative procedures can be hard to keep track of when you’re busy working on strategic initiatives. With GAMUT Policy Plus, you no longer have to send out individual policy updates and hope everyone has the most recent version stored in their own files. Keep your board members, staff, and community updated and accountable with online access to the latest policies and administrative procedures and save the cost and confusion that comes with printing and delivering paper copies.

All GAMUT Policy features, plus:

  • Easily incorporate CSBA updates
  • Manage your board policies, administrative regulations, procedures and exhibits all in one place
  • Post draft policies for public review, or restrict access with permissions for public and private access
  • Select custom printing options to suit your needs
  • Access your policies 24/7 via web browser — anytime, anywhere

It's time to go paperless

GAMUT paperless board meeting management software helps you keep it all straight by streamlining agenda preparation, providing easy, secure online access to materials, and ensuring every agenda item is aligned with your strategic goals.

  • Manage all of your meetings in one, convenient location
  • Ensure proper access for each user through custom user roles and permissions
  • Create custom workflows for submitting and approving agenda items for specific meetings
  • Search archived meetings and quickly sort by meeting type, date and more
  • Easily create and deliver meeting minutes and record votes

Packed with time-saving features, GAMUT's paperless board meeting management software automates and simplifies routine tasks associated with meeting development and delivery

  GAMUT Documents 

Make misplaced documents a thing of the past with GAMUT’s Documents software. GAMUT’s online library provides a central repository for all of your important board documents, with permissions to allow board members, staff, and the public access to exactly what they need while keeping sensitive data secure.

  • Create folders to classify and manage your documents
  • Upload virtually any file type, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, or graphics
  • Set Folder and file permissions for either public or private access

   GAMUT Communications

Communicate with your board and the public without having to rely on your technical team to update your website or worrying about lost emails. With Simbli’s online portal, you can streamline communications with all stakeholders, creating separate channels for internal and public viewers, including customized news feeds and calendars — all searchable by date or keyword.

  • Share updates, such as board or performance results, via public or private news feeds
  • Create public or private calendars controlling visibility and administration rights via permissions
  • Quickly access news items with a date or keyword search
  • Automatically post meeting agenda links to your calendar of choice

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