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Governance and Policy ResourcesResearch, guidance and services for effective school board governance

California Department of Education Resources

Addressing the Fentanyl Crisis: A Statement from Superintendent Thurmond
A letter and list of resources for fentanyl from State Superintendent of Public Instruction Thurmond. 

Resources to address fentanyl
Combatting fentanyl with actions and resources from our state and federal agencies. 

Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Prevention Resources
Information for science-based programs and activities that effectively prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use; and that include social influences or life skills curricula and youth development.

Other Resources

What is fentanyl?
Information about fentanyl including additional resources and publications from the California Department of Public Health

Prevention tips from the Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District
LAUSD Superintendent Alberto Carvalho offers five tips for district leaders working to address this critical issue, as well as advice for teachers, parents and students.

CSBA Resources

Combating fentanyl in schools
CSBA’s 2023 Spring Magazine article about why education leaders must be partners in addressing opioid overdoses among students.

Schools play an important role in prevention and awareness of the fentanyl crisis (11/22)
Blog post on the California Department of Education webinar with guidance for schools regarding the opioid crisis.

The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on K-12: The Effect of Marijuana on the Brain (11/18)
This brief provides definitions of the difference between medical marijuana and medicinal marijuana,  the latest brain research on the effects of short- and long-term use of recreational marijuana and the adolescent brain and what we know about the effects of second-hand marijuana smoke on children and infants.

The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on K-12: Use of Medical Marijuana in Schools (11/18)
This brief provides a definition of medical marijuana, details regarding the Compassionate Use Act and how it applies to children, school district and LEA rights and restrictions regarding medical marijuana use by students and staff, vetoed legislation (SB 1127) on medical marijuana in schools and pharmaceutical advances.

The Impact of Marijuana Legalization on K-12: Current Status and Future Expectations (10/18)
This brief covers issues CSBA Delegates are facing in their LEAs due to the legalization of marijuana, CSBA’s resources, timing and content of federal and state marijuana policy, local and employers’ rights and restrictions and additional resources.