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Governance and Policy ResourcesResearch, guidance and services for effective school board governance


School Wellness Policy Development, Implementation and Evaluation -  This national research report describes perceptions, barriers and opportunities regarding the implementation of a local school wellness policy.


When School Districts Fail to Comply With State Physical Education Laws, the Fitness of California’s Children Lags (2013): policy brief from San Francisco State University

Student Wellness: A Healthy Food and Physical Activity Policy Resource Guide (2012): The Guide provides school governance leaders with a step-by-step approach to enhance the school environment so students can develop and practice healthy eating habits.

Monitoring for Success: A Guide for Assessing and Strengthening Student Wellness Policies (2012): This guide will assist you in implementing, monitoring, evaluating and improving your school wellness policy. 

Building Healthy Communities: A School Leader’s Guide to Collaboration and Community Engagement (2009)