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Closing persistent opportunity gaps requires a commitment to educational equity and professional learning from board members across California. The resources in this page provide data, evidence and best practices to support the achievement of California’s highest-need students. In addition, CSBA will ensure that the importance of promoting equity and closing opportunity and achievement gaps is reflected within all CSBA materials, trainings and advocacy efforts.

CSBA Equity Statement (approved September 2019)

CSBA recognizes that educational excellence requires a commitment to equity. California students bring a wide range of assets, abilities, backgrounds and needs to their educational experience. Schools have an obligation to provide all students with the access and opportunities necessary for college, career and life success. This requires school leaders to address practices, policies and barriers that perpetuate inequities which lead to opportunity and achievement gaps. Effective school boards are equity-driven, making intentional governance decisions that combat institutional discrimination and bias (both explicit and implicit) and eliminate disparities in educational outcomes based on socioeconomic status, gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or family background.

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CSBA Equity Network

In summer 2018, CSBA launched an Equity Network with the support of the Stuart Foundation, providing extensive support and professional development to board members across California on concepts related to educational equity, including implicit bias, cultural proficiency, the history of public education and the role of education leadership in disrupting a system of inequity. Participants in the CSBA Equity Network are tasked with developing an Equity Action Plan for their governance team and with being a resource and support for other board members across California seeking to advance educational equity. 

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