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Governance and Policy ResourcesResearch, guidance and services for effective school board governance

CSBA develops, communicates and advocates the perspective of California school districts, county offices of education and regional occupational programs on critical education issue areas. Our research and work is focused around four issue areas:

  • Student Achievement
    CSBA is focused on improving student achievement by engaging in systemic improvement efforts and focusing on strong school board leadership. 

  • Conditions of Children
    CSBA works to create circumstances that allow school governance teams to address conditions of children that can be barriers to their ability to attend, learn and achieve in school.

  • Fair Funding
    CSBA works on behalf of members to explain and advocate for budget resources and flexibility.

  • Governance 
    CSBA is unswerving in its commitment to ensuring that ultimate authority and accountability for K-12 education always remain with the locally elected governing board.

Governance Briefs
CSBA periodically publishes Governance Briefs to help governance teams handle emerging issues in the areas outlined above. Each brief concisely addresses issues by providing pertinent background information and ideas for questions board members should ask at their board meetings to adequately and accurately address each topic.